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It’s about capturing the moments, the memories, the people, the places and things that are uniquely, authentically Tennessee.
It’s a feeling. A spirit. Found in every string played. Every road traveled and memory made. It’s the beauty. The music. The experiences. That can only be… Made in Tennessee.

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UT Extension - Cannon County Office

Wanna grow some hemp?? The UT Extension Cannon County Office has good news for you! #CannonTN, #CannonCoTN, #WoodburyTN, #Tennessee, #CannonCounty,..

UT Extension - Cannon County Office
Great news! TDA has re-opened the industrial hemp application period. For any of you that wanted to change your growing area, now is your chance! If you want to change a growing area you need to submit a completed growing area page of the application, the information on what growing area you are replacing and a new aerial photograph. The application period ends at the close of business on June 1st . Not post marked, but all completed paperwork and any payments must be received by 4:30pm on June 1st. Give the UT Extension Office a call if you are interested 615-563-2554.

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The Arts Center of Cannon County

Do you like Oldies and Classic Country Music? Then come to the Arts Center of Cannon County, located in Woodbury, Tennessee! #CannonTN, #CannonCoTN,..

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Innovative Construction Solutions

From Innovative Construction Solutions located in Cannon County, Tennessee! #CannonTN, #CannonCoTN, #WoodburyTN, #Tennessee, #CannonCounty, #Woodbury,..

Innovative Construction Solutions
Trust and believability While related, there are differences. Trust is earned over time, while beleiveability is more important in the short term. Homeowners have different levels of knowledge on the specifics of the work they want done. Normally, there are different ways of achieving it. It is important that they believe the person they contract to do it in how and why he will achieve it. Trust is far deeper. I never expect a stranger to trust me with keys to their abode. Because I need them to believe me when I tell them me on why I prefer a specific method over another or that I did something they can no longer see, I attempt to be more forthcoming with any mistakes or delays on my part. Weather can be a factor in construction, but far less than it is blamed for delays. In the end, construction is like mechanics or lawyers. If you find one you trust to do the job right at a fair price, you stick with them. I don't mind a customer walking through with a level behind me, though I prefer it be beside me. If it is out of plumb, I want to fix it. If it hasn't been plumbed yet, I want to be able to say so. And if it is plumb, we are all happy.

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Half Hill Farm

Delicious Honey Suckle Apple Kombucha, only from Half Hill Farm, located in the Arts Center of Cannon County in Woodbury, Tennessee! #CannonTN,..

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Farm Bureau of Sullivan County

How to choose a water mellon! From Farm Bureau Insurance in Woodbury, Tennessee! #CannonTN, #CannonCoTN, #WoodburyTN, #Tennessee, #CannonCounty,..

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The Cannon County Chamber of Commerce is located inside The Arts Center of Cannon County in Woodbury, Tennessee.

1424 John Bragg Highway
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