Alan Daigre Designs

In 2002 Alan Daigre began learning the craft of chair making in an old abandoned corn crib, upgraded to two adjoining horse stalls a couple of years later before building a small shop on a farm in middle Tennessee. It was here that Alan began making traditional Shaker-style ladder-back and “mule ear” chairs, primarily with traditional hand tools. As his work evolved, Alan set out to design and produce a chair that was different. He drew on the skills he had been honing, his experience building and facilitating “ropes courses,” and his exposure to antique furniture in the antebellum town of Natchez, Mississippi, where he grew up.

Alan says with a chuckle, “I knew that I was really onto something, or I had completely lost my mind. It’s sometimes a very fine line between the two!” To handle the growth, improve efficiency, and have a dedicated gallery space, Alan moved his operation to a 10,000 sq. ft. commercial building in Woodbury, Tennessee. The new gallery is currently open by appointment and during a series of Open House events held throughout the year. “We are very excited to have this new dedicated gallery and would love to show it off to you any time!”

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320 S. McCrary St.
Woodbury, TN 37190 USA

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