Aug, 2014


Welcome to the Public Notices section of the web site. Here you will find various public meeting agenda and notices from local committees.

Agenda for Cannon County IDB
2013 Cannon County Industrial Development Board Policy to Comply with Public Notice Requirements for Regular and Special Called Board Meetings:

  • A notice will be posted once a year in the Cannon Courier setting forth the dates, times and meeting location of the regular scheduled IDB meetings.
  • The IDB Secretary will ensure that the annual notice be sent to the local newspaper for publication and that the annual notice be added to the official minutes submitted to the Cannon County Clerk’s Office when the new schedule has been determined.
  • The IDB Chairperson will provide the Secretary a copy of the agenda for each meeting seven days prior to each regular meeting. The Secretary will ensure that the agenda is emailed to all board members prior to the meeting.
  • The IDB Secretary will contact the local radio station WBRY and newspaper Cannon Courier prior to each regular scheduled meeting and provide them a copy of the agenda to publish if they so choose to do.
  • In the event of a “special called meeting” of the IDB, the meeting time, date and location along with the agenda concerning that meeting will be posted at least five days prior to the meeting in the Cannon Courier, WBRY Website and the www.cannontn.com website.
  • After the minutes of each Cannon County Industrial Board meeting have been approved by a quorum of the board members they will be submitted to the Cannon County Clerk’s Office to be filed.