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Thea Prince

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1023 Curlee Church Road
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Susan Melton

General Sessions Court Judge with Juvenile Court jurisdiction.

Cannon County Courthouse
One Courthouse Square
Woodbury, TN 37190

Woodbury, TN 37190 USA


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Sandor Katz, Foundation for Fermentation Fervor, Inc.

I have been fermenting since 1993. In order to share the fermentation wisdom I had learned and demystify home fermentation, I wrote a book called Wild Fermentation, published in 2003 by Chelsea Green. Since the book’s publication, I have taught hundreds of fermentation workshops across North America and beyond, taking on a role I describe as a “fermentation revivalist.” Newsweek called Wild Fermentation “the fermenting bible.” Inspired by people I met talking about fermentation, I wrote a book about diverse activist projects to reclaim food, called The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved (Chelsea Green, 2006). In 2012, with a decade more experience behind me, the unique opportunity to hear countless stories about fermentation practices, and answering thousands of troubleshooting questions, I shared an in-depth exploration of the topic, The Art of Fermentation.

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